4 Car Painting Mistakes To Avoid

As a car owner, there may come a time when you want to repaint some areas of the car. This could be because you want to resurface an area that has been scratched or dented. However, to be sure that you are painting your vehicle correctly, you will want to avoid these four common mistakes: Choosing the Wrong Sandpaper: One of the first steps you have to make when painting your vehicle is choosing sandpaper to help creating a smooth painting surface on the area of the vehicle that you want to paint.

What To Do If Your Car Door Has Been Dented In A Shopping Lot

If you park in shopping center parking lots, then you are at risk of getting dents in your car. People are often reckless with their shopping carts. When they are done packing their car, they might let the carts roll away. These wayward carts can cause small dents in your car door. Someone parking too close and hitting your car when they open their door can cause a more severe dent.